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Our Focus to Help Military Veterans

Here at Day & Zimmermann we are focused on employing military veterans by using their military experience and training to help them start a career as they transition into the civilian workforce.

Helpful Links and Information

When transitioning out of the Military make sure that you are capturing all of your military experience and training on your resume. When doing this, make sure to use the proper civilian industry terminology, not the military terminology/jargon. Many of the people that will be reading your resume may not have served in the military and may not understand the unique language that comes with it. Use your Verification of Military Education and Training (VMET) as well as the Military Occupation Crosswalk to ensure your resume is up to standard.

Below are a few tools, links and resume tips that can assist you in the process.

Our Focus to Help Military Veterans
Click below to download the BYF Military Occupation Crosswalk
Our Focus to Help Military Veterans
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DoDTAP Transition Assistance Program
Resume Tips Specific to Veterans
  • Refrain from using military terminology/jargon on your resume. Use your VMET to help translate all job titles, duties, accomplishments, training and awards into civilians terms
    • example: Instead of using NCO, use Manager/Supervisor; Instead of using MOS/rate/job title of Prime Power Production Specialist use Power Plant Operator /High Voltage Electrician.
  • Begin with an action verb or dynamic adjective, write in past tense, Quantify results when possible, avoid using personal pronouns "I" "We" "Her"
    • example: Maintained more than 80 pieces of equipment at 95% operational rating for 3 years – 5% above Army standard.
  • List equipment that you worked on/with while in the military.
    • example: Operated friction, hydraulic, polar crane; welded stainless, copper nickel, and carbon pipes.
  • List all Training/Certifications/Licenses with completion dates.
    • example: Warrior Leaders Course - Feb 2004, Senior Leaders Course – Apr 2007, Navy Crane Center Course – Oct 2011, etc.

For additional resume tips, please visit our Training & Resources page.

Training / Credentialing Opportunities

To see if you can receive NCCER training credentials for the training you received while serving in the military, visit Hard Hat Heroes.

Hard Hat Heroes

 View our Training & Resources page to see a list of colleges in your area.

Submission of Completed Resume

Once your resume is complete make sure to submit your information and resume to Day and Zimmermann by clicking Submit Information or emailing it to If you do not already have a resume you can build one by using our Resume Builder.


This is not an application. Submitting your information does not guarantee employment.

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