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Resume Tips

To provide yourself with the best opportunity of employment, it is important to have a well written resume. Please incorporate the following resume tips into your current resume:

  • Your past work experience should include Employer, Job Title, location and brief summary of responsibilities/duties going back a minimum of 5 to 10 years. If you have any special skills make sure to include them. (ie. Precision Millwright, CNC Machinist, etc.)
    • example: Worked as a combo welder. Duties included fitting sockets and welding stainless steel. Fitting small and large bore pipe and welding on large/small pipe sockets and open butt welds.
  • Begin with an action verb or dynamic adjective, write in past tense, Quantify results when possible, avoid using personal pronouns "I" "We" "Her"
    • example: Processed over 700 annual shipments of personal property and household goods valued in excess of $30M.
  • For all past employment include the Day Month AND Year for start and end dates.
    • example: 18 Feb 2015 – 26 Apr 2015 XYZ Power Station
  • List all equipment/tools that you have worked on/with.
    • example: Operated friction crane, hydraulic polar crane; welded stainless, copper nickel, and carbon pipes.
  • List all Certifications/Licenses/Training with completion dates.
    • example: NCCER Rigging certification Feb 2015
  • List completed education (High School/GED/College).
    • example: Green Valley HS Graduate

Note: List ALL completed education (High School/GED/College); please ensure to designate "Graduated" or "Received Diploma" when listing High School or GED as this is a requirement at certain Customer sites.

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